Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The things that bring us together.....squash

Food brings people together. Amen. End of Story. Now I know lots of things bring people together but having this farm has allowed me to make new friends anywhere. ANYWHERE.

Tonight I was talking to a bunch of folks in my profession at a conference and while we had polite chit-chat, people really asked me more questions about was my farm. Why is that? Are we all programmed to want to live off the land? (I know I am)

Then even on the bus ride back from the networking event to my hotel, I had a fantastic conversation with the bus driver John who told me about the Urban garden a few blocks from the hotel and we chatted about squash and tomatoes. He laughed when I told him I planted about 300 varieties of tomatoes.

Sometimes when you do something for a good reason - have a farm to repair the earth, be self sufficient and try to break even-- what happens is that you have unintended things happen as well. For me the biggest surprise was my ability to have a conversation with anyone about food and the wonderful new people I have met along the way and in the most unlikely places.

So John, I hope all your squash plants work out and the bugs stay away!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 4 of Green Akeys Veggie CSA

This year we made a few improvements to the farm. One improvement was to paint the walk-in fridge green (for Green Akeys). We then used chalk board paint on the side and that is where we write the notes for what CSA members take from the fridge or outside tables.

Onions are growing nicely!
Raspberries and blackberries. Enough said- look at all those little red spots.


Rows of potatoes-- all we need is rain. We are in a crazy area that sometimes does not get rain, so help out and do a rain dance-- potatoes need rain!