Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pork Is Now Available!!!

We are sending our pigs to freezer camp, (thank you BHF for that lovely phrase) next week and that means...we have PORK available!

Get your orders in QUICK as it will be going FAST!!!

$3.50 per pound per hanging weight. Sausage and smoked meats extra.

You choose the cuts.

One half of a hog will be approximately 75-100 pounds. It will take up the space of a regular freezer, depending on whether you get the hams cut in quarters or left whole. It will be in one larger box and two smaller boxes. It sounds like a boatload of meat, and it is, but you will go through it really fast. Ours lasted about 3 months.

Call us or email us and get your order in while you can!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What to do with leftover Turkey and Garden Veggies

Per last blog posting comments-- soup is a great idea!!   Soup was made last week after Turkey Day.  I'm still perfecting my stock so that it is not so cloudy and a little more consume 'ish' .  The leftover turkey bones and feet made the stock.  Then the stock was strained and the next day leftover turkey meat was added along with fresh celery, carrots, parsley, thyme from the garden.  No onions left so those were store bought.  I'm at the point where making 14 quarts of stock/soup combination is no sweat and something that I can multi-task around while I clean the kitchen or make something else.  If anyone wants to learn how to can-- I'd be more than happy to teach you.  It's so wonderful to open up a fresh jar of soup or stock.  

Jen (CSA member, friend and chicken/turkey processing helper) finally decided to make chicken stock using chicken feet.  This is the first person who's even agreed to try it.  It's weird and you have to get over the toe-nails.  But I promise I would not steer you wrong on this one.  Her email to me is below.  Finally!!! One convert to making chicken stock with feet!!!  

Used the chicken feet Mike gave me last week to make stock.  It was definitely the most flavorful stock I have ever made.  Usually, not much flavor at all.  I added the left over turkey and vegetables.  Turned out to be a really good dinner.  It must have been good - kids asked for leftovers in lunch.  Thanks so much.  Jen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Still in the GARDEN!!!!

I can't believe we still have stuff growing in the garden.  I mean lots of stuff.  I went out to the garden on Thanksgiving Day hoping I'd find some fresh herbs and a few carrots and I got a huge bounty.

Parsley, Sage, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, dill seeds, tarragon.
Fennel and carrots are below.  We have LOTS of carrots.   All about 4 inches long.
We have celery, kale, swiss chard (it won't stop growing), arugula, pak choi, maybe some random beets, and some asian greens that are about 3 feet tall.  There are smaller kohlrabi and maybe a random leek or spinach or so as well.  Just stuff that decided to take off and grow.

Maybe the frost this weekend will get everything-- so if you want anything, call up and we'll show you where to pick.  Might as well get it now as we may then let the chickens and pigs root through it after.

The carrots are really good.  I just cleaned them with a rough sponge thing and didn't need to peel them-- I don't know why all this stuff decided to really grow and thrive in November-- but it did.