Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pork Is Now Available!!!

We are sending our pigs to freezer camp, (thank you BHF for that lovely phrase) next week and that means...we have PORK available!

Get your orders in QUICK as it will be going FAST!!!

$3.50 per pound per hanging weight. Sausage and smoked meats extra.

You choose the cuts.

One half of a hog will be approximately 75-100 pounds. It will take up the space of a regular freezer, depending on whether you get the hams cut in quarters or left whole. It will be in one larger box and two smaller boxes. It sounds like a boatload of meat, and it is, but you will go through it really fast. Ours lasted about 3 months.

Call us or email us and get your order in while you can!

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