Monday, November 28, 2011

The things that interrupt the farmer

Not a lot of posting during the summer and fall.
20 member CSA is a lot and not something that will happen again unless someone wants to take on the job for us. The focus next year is a pick your own CSA for a select group (3 families) of people to learn this model and try it out. And the focus will turn to goats and cheese..... learn, learn, learn.

In between the farm--- kids and life happen and blogging is not a priority.
Our kids' love of music and theater shouldn't be a big surprise to Mike and I as we both were in theater and have a creative side. I sing horribly but Mike has a pretty good voice.
So to see the kids enjoy this part of life is magical. A singing solo in the middle school play, to the one above who loves to play her flute and now wants a piccolo, to the youngest who plays his sax like he was born with it..... are these my kids?

I wonder if sheep and goats will follow music or come towards it like the pied piper? Might need to perform an experiment....