Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taking orders for fall/winter lambs

Tonight I am in Marketing mode...... lamb for sale. And not just lamb-- the most amazing lamb you've ever had for sale. When Mike told me he wanted a farm and he wanted to raise sheep I kind of whined and said "sheep? but I hate lamb". Then I got the speech about eating the WRONG kind of lamb. So lamb is like wine. All kinds of wine out there. You can drink wine from a box. My dad will drink wine from a box and doesn't really care about vintage wines- me, I'm kinda hooked on a nice Cab but I don't like a Merlot that much. Our lambs are Katahdin lambs and they are grass fed. The grass feeding makes a difference. I've had Katahdin lamb that was 1/2 grass, 1/2 grain fed and it was not the same as 100% grass fed. It was good - but not as sweet. So our Katahdin lambs are like a vintage wine and you have to try it and see if you like the 'vintage'. We sold one early lamb 4 weeks ago and just got the report back. Outstanding was the verdict. Ask my kids what they want for dinner-- they will say "RACK OF LAMB!!!" - totally spoiled children and I remind them there are only 2 racks per lamb so sometimes we also have to eat lamb burgers and lamb stew and leg of lamb. My oldest is a picky eater and even she loves lamb. Kids come to our house for dinner and we don't tell them till afterwards that they ate lamb (they always think it's flavorful meat-- but no idea what it is).

So that's my pitch. We raise a wonderful high quality product and we want to sell to you if you are interested.

Below are the details:

We are currently taking orders for fall/winter lamb.
Our lambs are 100% grass fed, no hormones and are the Katahdin breed.
This breed of lamb when grass fed produces lamb meat that is tender and sweet.

Whole lambs dress out at 40-55 lbs and will be sold for $7.5 per lb.
Total price for a whole lamb will then be $300-$412.50.

If you are in a co-op and buying for many families then if you purchase 2+ lambs the price will be $7/lb.

You will pick up your lamb at our partner butcher in Littlestown, PA at Stoneypoint Market.
Lamb will be available in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Normally once you tell us you want a lamb, we will then send to the butcher the next available Monday as this is the day they process USDA for small farmers like ourselves. The lamb then needs to age a week or two so you will get your lamb about 4 weeks after you order it from us.

This price includes butchering costs and all cuts are vacuum packed in a heavy duty plastic so cuts will stay fresh for up to 6 months. We like this method of storing meat in freezers rather than butcher paper.

Over the past few years, we have found that the following cuts of lamb are usually the most popular so if you are unsure of how you want your lamb butchered, we will take care of that for you and cut it so that you receive the meat per below (the lbs/cut will vary based on the weight of the lamb):

2 rack of lamb - normally 1-1.5 lbs each
2 lamb spareribs - .5 lb each
2 bone in whole leg of lamb - 5-7 lbs each
2 packages of lamb shanks -1 lb each
5-8 lbs of ground lamb wrapped in 1 lb portions
6 lbs of lamb chops
2 lbs of lamb stew meat (can also be used as kabobs)
lamb neck bones - .25 lbs - for seasoning sauces/soups/stews
4 shoulder roasts boned and rolled (2-3 lbs each)- if you decide you don't want to use these pieces as roasts you can also cut them up for kabobs later so this gives you some flexibility.

Email or call 443-340-9986 to reserve your lamb today.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Long time-- no post

Running a 20 member CSA along with milking a cow daily is a lot of work when you also have a very busy full time day job. Add in that a certain child now needs to be at school early for play practice and the cow milking must stop.

I've learned a lot over the last 5 months about milking a cow and milk in general and I'll be ready when she has a baby in the spring and I'll know what to do with all that milk each week.

Today I had a lot of great help from CSA members on the farm and it was a great day even though it rained on and off. I still think that this has been the best part of the farm and the CSA- meeting our customers and gaining new friends. I would have no reason to meet some of these wonderful people thru my life but for the CSA and our farm.

As the days are getting shorter-- my blogs will get longer. Our house is under some major-minor construction (we have some closets now!!!!!) and so after October I don't know what I'm going to do with my time as the inside of my house will be all organized!!!! :)