Sunday, March 23, 2008


I never knew that you would continue to learn more and more and then eventually drop dead.  I guess I had this idea that at some point you'd think- that's enough- I've learned all I need to know and so I am done learning.  I now realize that you do hit that point- when you are dead.

I am thinking this because just trying to grow a simple backyard garden is not so easy and requires you to read books, test out ideas and get input from all those who have done it before.  I also happen to be taking my "little garden" on a supersize adventure.  We started with four 4x8 garden boxes and then shared a 2,000 sq ft garden area with friends and then this year we are going for about a 1/2 acre "garden".  This year is the test year to see if we can manage the growing cycles and see if we will have enough food to "pretend feed" 5 families in a pretend CSA.   If this works then we'll know how much work, seeds, land, etc to feed increments of 5 families at a time.  Most CSA's don't go higher than 40 shares so I'm guessing that this is the point where you can do the work yourself and any higher than that requires you to hire a helper.

So here's to livelong learning!  And to all those potato bugs that drove me crazy last year as we diligently picked you off the leaves only to find your children and grandchildren the next week--- you will not survive on my plants this year-- I have learned all the ways to keep you away, limit your growth and if all else fails vacuum you away.   Of course, this year I'll be learning about deer and groundhogs..........

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i am mom said...

My husband and I just discovered your website and have begun reading it from the beginning. We are wanna be's - and will be moving down to Texas in a few months to begin an adventure much like yours. When you get a moment, will you please share some of the ways, most time efficient ways, to prevent and remove potato bugs?
Thanks, RJR