Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seed Starting

My seeds are germinating!  Right now I have 14 or so flats of various sizes in the basement germinating under grow lights.  Unfortunately I only had room for 1 3-tiered shelving unit so I am alternating my plants so that for some it is day and some it is night.  I never knew that plants need some down time but evidently they do.
I'll have to insert some pictures.  I have 3 flats of tomatoes and those are doing great.  The peppers did not germinate so I'm trying again.  Maybe they were too moist or maybe they needed more time in the light or I planted them too deep.  Not sure but trying again.  
I have 6 artichokes that are growing really fast and I have lavender started for Grama Mary.  I'm hoping it gets warmer because pretty soon they are going to be too big for the planters they are in and I will need to get them outside.

I also planted 2 outside raised beds yesterday.  Spinach, carrots, mini purplette onions, lettuce, radishes and 4 strawberry plants.  All of these grow well together so I alternated rows of everything as they each help each other grow and help keep bugs away.  I recommend the book Tomatoes Love Carrots for learning about planting partners.

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