Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seedlings Continued

I'm happy to report that all of my tomatoes are growing except for 2.  I'm sure the 2 will pop up any day now and then I'll have my 216 tomatoes!  That would be 39 varieties of tomatoes that I am growing this year.  I'm really excited about the mix of cherry and small pear tomatoes.  I have just about every size and shape of small tomatoes.  I wanted a large variety to make a great salad.  I also have lots of plum tomatoes for jarring and lots of varieties of big slicers!  

My strawberries are also doing really well growing from seed.  They are about 3 inches long right now and really taking off.  I've started to adjust them to the outside air by taking them outside each day.

My peppers are still on their way and slow to start.  I need to find a way to make them a little warmer as it is the temperature that is causing them not to germinate.   They are on top of heating pads but they still need a little more warmth.  Next year I'll have to have a separate system for the really warmer germinating seeds.  I'm thinking that this year I'll just have to wait till it starts getting warmer outside and the air temperature in the basement warms up.  Then they'll all start to germinate.

Mike was trying out the tiller today so I'm hoping after I get back from my work trip that he'll have some of the garden ready for me to start the peas and other colder session veges.  I also hope he keeps my seedlings alive while I'm gone as well.  I'll be away from my seedlings for 5 days so I figure they'll be ok even if he forgets to turn on the grow lights for 1-2 days.

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