Thursday, April 24, 2008

Electric Fence

Got out the tiller, ran it over the large clumps of sod and soil still remaining after the initial plowing.  There is still a large "island" of sod left to plow in the middle of the garden, probably about 1/3 of the plot remains untilled.  Its tough going with the rotary plow, as the plow is only about 18 inches wide.   Each swipe with the plow chews up about 12 inches or so.  Its slow going.  But once its done, it should be relatively easy to maintain.  

Hidey's Lawn and Landscape dropped off 30 cubic yards of leaf compost mixed with composted cow manure.  It was one heck of a steaming pile.  We may actually order another 30 yards.  You can never add enough compost to your garden.  I cant wait until Im making my own compost.

We have lime to spread tomorrow along with the compost.  Potatoes and tomatoes and strawberries, peas and corn get planted tomorrow and Friday.  

Today I purchased two varieties of corn to plant.  Silver Queen, a later variety and Bodacious, a super sweet early variety of sweet corn.  We are going to experiment with planting the corn and peas together to use the corn stalks as a natural trellis for the peas to climb.  Hopefully the corn grows faster than the peas...  :)

The BCS tractor is working out well so far.  Its still a monster, but after the initial troubles with the beast, I added some weight to the front end of the tractor to help counterbalance the rotary plow and it seems to have helped immensely.

Lastly, before we left for the afternoon, Annette and my Mom and I set up the electric fence from Premier Fence.  The fence is polywire material, polyester rope with aluminum wire spliced together.  The fences have step-in posts built in, and it simply unrolls, then clips together at the top.  A solar panel charges a battery inside an energizer which applies 8000 volts to the fence.  The power terminal is clipped on to one of the wires on the fence, and when an animal, or stupid farmer, ahem, touches the polywire the connection to ground is made and the animal or stupid farmer gets 8000 volts.  It bites you if you arent careful.  

I will keep track of times bitten.  So far its game one of the tiebreak and we are still at Deuce.

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