Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seedlings Continued

I bought a flip video camera to see how it would work as it was on sale for $64.  Here are my seedlings ready to be planted!  It took me 4 tries to get the larger video file loaded....will try smaller ones in the future.

We cut down the barley and goldenrod that were on the land where the garden will be planted!  Picture of Mike cutting it down later today.  I took that picture on his phone camera.

I'm worried about my tomatoes- they grew too fast and I need to get them in the ground.  They are very leggy- see clip.  Although I'm not really worried if some of them die- I made sure to grow enough.  There are 216 tomato plants in total and so it may be a blessing if some don't make it.  

Its the 500 potato plants that worry me--- thats a lot of planting!  Thank goodness Gramma M is coming this weekend!  

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