Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures from last week

Word of warning- pictures may seem a bit blurry because I had a smudge on the camera lense and didn't realize till they were loaded on the computer.

Shallots and garlic doing great (shallots are picture #1 and garlic #2)!  So exciting to see those popping up and growing!

I've been wanting to get tadpoles for a few years now.  When I was a child, one summer my mom got a big glass jar and we put about 12 tadpoles in the jar and watched them grow on our kitchen table.  It was something I loved and have never forgotten.  Kevin got a tadpole container for his birthday that came with a coupon for a free tadpole.  FREE!  Just 7.99 for shipping and handling for 1- ONE tadpole.  The kids went down to our soon to be pond and got about 100 tapoles out.  We picked out 5 and are having fun feeding them and watching them grow.  Now that's what I call FREE.

Last week the barley was ready to be cut and the fields were gorgeous.  I have always loved the ocean.  I now have my own green ocean (until it gets harvested).

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