Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brief Tadpole Update

We are now proud caretakers of 2 frogs and 3 tadpoles.  The remaining tadpoles are all swimming with at least 2 back legs and one of them has its front legs.  They should be shedding their tails within the next 4 or 5 days.  Frog city, here we come.

Another nice 5 hour rain event yesterday right when we needed it the most.  The potatoes are coming up nicely and hopefully the peas are growing nicely too.  Well, the dwarf peas are doing well.  The climbing peas arent doing well.  I dont think I did a very good job of planting them with the seeder.  Either they got planted too deeply or it was just too warm for them to germinate properly.


aweber9 said...

how about some pictures! said...

Er...floating frogs upside down doesnt exactly make for a happy blog photo. Ill get some more up today.