Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Gardening

Beans are doing well!  The little bugs moved over to the brussel sprouts.


This used to be a field of peas.  Didn't work out well so we tilled it up today and this week it will get planted with pumpkins and other gourds.

Zucchini are flowering.

This will be the last week where we need to pitch a tent outside of the garden and hang out.  We'll have a house to go into and relax.  Although we might put the tent out there anyway since it's fun and relaxing to just sit in the breeze.   

Tilling up a little more area for more corn.  We bought 2 lbs of seed so we figured that we'd just dig up more earth and plant all the seeds.  We'll be sharing the corn with the deer so at least we'll have enough for us.

This is the compost pile.

This is one load of compost on top of the potato plants.  If you want to get more potatoes, then when they get taller, you cover them with dirt and they more potatoes will grow off the new leaves.  We have about 500 potato plants growing.  I figure it will take me about 3 weeks to cover half of them.  I'd like to see the difference between covering them up and not covering them and compare the yield.


Blue Heron Farm said...

Mr. Blue Heron Farm and I were noticing that you need to adjust the white balance on your camera. It looks like you are planting your veggies in chalk. ;)

Nice looking plants. Beware the prodigious cucumbers, however. You will never stop picking cucumbers. You will find new fruits in your sleep. It is nowhere near as fun as you had imagined. ...shudder... And

I only planted three. said...

I know!!! The camera's white balance seems to be out of whack. Ive messed with the camera settings and it doesnt seem to be responding.

The real bummer is that last October, in a hasty plane change on a Delta flight through Atlanta, I left my Canon 10D in an overhead compartment.

I feel shame. said...

And I TOLD her not to plant so many Marketmore cukes.

Plant pickling cucumbers, I says.

No one listens to me.

Might also have something to do with the fact that at the PASA conference, we bid on a basket full of gardening goodies without realizing that it also came with 2 packages of seeds. One package held enough carrot seeds to plant an acre of carrots, and the other held enough cucumber seeds to last us a lifetime.

If you plant them, they will come. And take over your garden.

What the heck we are going to do with literally a ton of cucumbers is anyones guess. At least I have a local restaurant contact for tomatoes. Perhaps they will take some cucumber fruit off of our hands as well.