Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, actually its not as grand as the previous post might suggest, we have just put in an order for some livestock.  Guineas.  A friend has graciously offered to have us split up an order of 30 Guinea Fowl keets that he is ordering from a hatchery.  They only send 30 at a time as a minimum order.  I said we could take half of them.  That means ordering some brooder equipment and supplies and building a coop for the Guineas.   I guess that also means that we will have an official farm operation.  Guineas eat lots of bugs.  Ticks in particular.  I have a feeling that if the local fox population doesnt get them all, the local tick population will suffer.

Maybe we need to introduce some Wolverines to eat the Fox.

And then some Mountain Lions to eat the Wolverines.

And some Pterodactyls to eat the Mountain Lions.

Having a farm is going to be SO cool...

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Blue Heron Farm said...

As the guineas start to feather out you may well mistake them for pterodactyls. So deliciously ugly.

We had three - one new one hatched yesterday. I love them, but they can be LOOOOOUUUUDDD. When they get going, we call it RIGFO - Random Intermittent Guinea Freak Out.

But when they are young, their sounds are super cute. They kind of sing.

Take photos when you get them. ...and get a new dang camera so we'll know what color they are. ;)