Sunday, June 22, 2008


The excitement of the last few days is wearing off and we are back to basics.  Weeding and a little planting.  Today I planted the pumpkins and watermelons.  The melons are a little late but we'll see how they do.  I also planted some more sweet corn and some popcorn.  I planted them on opposite sides of the field so that they don't pollinate each other.  

We struck gold in our new barn and it will help solve our weed problem.  We have about 75 bales of 15 year old hay in the barn.  We started out with 6 bales and put it around about 100 of the tomatoes.   It will keep the weeds at bay and be a great mulch and compost for the garden for next year as well.  Our goal is to get all the hay out of the barn and onto the garden as a weed barrier by the end of next weekend.  

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