Monday, July 21, 2008


Holy moly, we have a lot of cucumbers.

What the hell were we thinking?


Blue Heron Farm said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

...and you can't even drop them on my porch!!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha! ;)

Cukes and cayennes were my only real successes this year. Oh - I guess I did well on tomatoes before it got too hot.

It's so weird to me that our season is over in Texas and yours is just beginning.

I'll send you some cucumber recipes. :) said...

There is only so much zucchini that a body can process.

Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Yum! And by now you should have buckets and buckets of tomatoes, right? said...

Im out of town, but apparently Annette just picked an entire 7cu.ft. wheelbarrow full of Cukes.

Annette said...

The tomatoes are starting to turn red.. I picked about 50 bigger ones and 200 or so cherries tonight and there were a lot more out there... I'll give you a call and I can either drop some by Thurs or Friday night or you can come on out and pick.

Andrew N. Carpenter said...

Sounds great, Annette -- thanks!