Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Funny Stalk of Corn

The corn isn't really that tall.
It's about waist high!  

We were looking at how the corn is and how green it is in certain areas.  We hypothesized water, better drainage, but then came the moment of realization.  The corn that is within 30 feet of the compost pile is getting runoff and so that corn is greener and taller.  Amazing what a difference good soil can do for your garden.  That truckload of compost was our best investment so far!  
The sweet corn is perfectly spaced in terms of timing for harvest.  I am going to plant 1 more section and try out my seeder again.  This time I am also going to add white clover seeds in between the rows of corn as they put back nitrogen into the soil and should help the corn.

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Anonymous said...

it's amazing, isn't it? That a pile of "stuff" is what gets you the most. :)