Friday, July 4, 2008


15 year old straw is like gold in your garden.  The more straw I put around the veges, the more they grow and thrive!  About 30-40 more bales left in the barn- we bring it over by the truckload.  The other benefit of the straw is that it makes the garden look beautiful and hides the weeds.
This is called a Smartcart.  This is the best wheelbarrow ever invented.  The wheels are balanced in the center of the load so moving it is effortless.  The wheels are also nice and big and sturdy.  It costs twice as much as a regular wheelbarrow but well worth it.  We now own 2 different sizes.

In order to get the straw out, Mike has to jump into the hay storage area and battle the carpenter bees and wasps.  So far the count looks like this:
Mike- 1 wasp sting and 1 bee sting
Margaret- 1 wasp sting
Wasps and Bees-- 200-300 zapped by Mike

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