Monday, October 27, 2008

Ducks and Chickens

The Duck House.
The Duck House and their Yard!  Little swimming pool on the left side.

Electric fence surrounding the duck house.

9 pumpkin varieties grown on Green Akeys Family Farm!!

New fencing.

1 week old chicks



Andrew N. Carpenter said...

It's fun to see the critters!

I'm sorry that we haven't been in touch lately. Did we miss the garlic planting? I hope not. Also, how are the plans going for the first CSA solicitation? We're looking forward to learning about what the Akey Farm will be able to produce next year....


the story poet said...

The duck house looks great. Pool large enough? That's a lot of ducks. kevin tells me he is allergic to feathers. This could be a problem. He is relieved he is not allergic to the bubblicious(sp) pillow however. Excited for the huge celebration in Chicago tonight!!