Friday, November 28, 2008

Frank the Border Collie

This is Frank.  He is three years old and trained to herd sheep.  We got him from Steve at Brightwater Farms.  Steve has trained him since he was a puppy and gave Mike a lesson last weekend (Mike did ok).

The one brown eye, one blue eye can be a little creepy.  We're getting used to it.  He's a great dog.  Very energetic!  We need some sheep for him to herd.  Those are supposed to come in the next few weeks.  Mike is going to go to a herding class this weekend.  Margaret might go as well.  She's taken to being the second in charge of Frank.  When he doesn't listen the first time she uses her "tough and mean" voice.

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Nicole said...

awwww we have a 3 legged border collie. hehe. She is great! Runs as fast as a 4 legged pup! =) Yours is BEAUTIFUL!!