Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frankie say relax

Frank is our new dog.  He is a Border Collie.  We are getting sheep in a week and a half.  They are Katahdin/Dorper crossed sheep.  We are going to get 2 older ewes and 2 yearling ewes that might be pregnant.  They have been with the ram for the last few weeks.  That could mean April lambing!

Frank is cute.  He has one brown eye and one blue.  He knows his herding commands well.  But he has a mind of his own.  He only sort of listens to dad.  But he is sweet.  Dougie does not know how to handle Frank so he nips him.  Frank wants to play.  Dougie wants to be left alone.

Today Maddie threw up in our car on the way to get Frank.  Maddie is my friend.  I hope she feels better!

We will put a picture of Frank in later.  We need daylight first.  And the camera battery isnt charged.  :(

We had a great day.  

Of course we did this all in one day.  

We like pie.


the story poet said...

Margaret, you are so articulate and I just can't wait to see pictures of the blue/browned eyed collie. I suspect that Dougie and Frank will eventually become great friends. Like any friendship it has to grow, and sometimes friendships can be a challenge like when your best friend pukes in your car. A nuisance sometimes, but you love your friend all the same. Love, Grama

The Z's said...

Congratulations on your new dog! I can't wait to meet him. Maybe we can practice his herding on Beau. See you tomorrow. PS I like pie too - my favorite is apple. Maddie

Blue Heron Farm said...

Rock on, Margaret. We can't wait to see your new dog.

But you should tell your dad that you will probably need a Great Pyrenees, too - they guard the sheep when you guys and Frank aren't around.

They don't listen, either, but it's OK because they are not really supposed to listen. They are supposed to make decisions by themselves.