Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Ducks

The ducks are now 11 weeks old.  You can see the Rouen ducks in front with the blue on the wings.  Their heads are also starting to turn a deep green color.  The one in front is the female.  She has a lighter neck area.  The male is behind her and he has a fuller brown lower neck area and a white collar between the lower neck and upper neck.  
The Blue Swedish is on the right hand side of the Rouen ducks.

Spike is still doing well.  Still not sure if Spike is a male or female.  They should lay eggs at about 20 weeks so we'll find out then!  To the left of Spike is a Buff duck.

My favorite duck is the tall brown runner duck in the middle but I also like the pencil duck which is hiding behind the other three.

I could watch the ducks for hours.  I HAVE watched the ducks for close to 2 hours...
They are just so happy with the simple things, like a new patch of clover and a tub full of fresh water!  This spring we'll show them the pond and make them a more permanent house.


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