Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Other Hobbies

I still really, really love my pressure cooker.  I'm getting faster at the process and used the leftover Turkey and put up a bunch of turkey stock and turkey soup.  We still have no microwave in the new house and canned foods are so much easier to heat up as there is no thawing involved.  Life without a microwave is ok.
By the way, we sold the old house on Friday!!!  So we can't turn back now.  The farm is our house.  So from now on there will be no more mention of old or new house, only The House.

I made a coat for Emily but I ran out of the purple yarn and only got 3/4 of one sleeve done.  So right now the coat is sleeveless until I can find one more skein of that yarn.  It happens to be discontinued but I have a friend trying to help me learn ravelry and help me find one.

This is Margaret's summer dress.  It's a little too big right now but should be perfect next summer.  If you look carefully you'll see my stack of sweaters piled up on my dresser.  Living with one 4 foot closet in the entire house is definitely a challenge.  But it's only temporary.  As one of my new favorite old sayings says "This too Shall Pass."  

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Blue Heron Farm said...

You are a master knitter!!!

Ever seen Knitta Please?? Makes me laugh.
I can only knit a rectangle. No increases, no decreases. i make scarves, placemats, potholders, coasters. Rectangular things.;)

Congrats on the house. Very, very exciting.