Wednesday, December 24, 2008

sheep me!!!

We got our sheep!  Will from Whitmore Farm came over yesterday and delivered 5 Katahdin ewes to us.  Livestock!  Were owners of some small ruminant livestock!

So...that means I have to pick up a mineral feeder and some hay in case the weather gets super snowy and the sheep get hungry.  I mean, we dont have enough GRASS in the pasture or anything.


Frank and I took a herding lesson from Linda Tesdahl yesterday.  Frank was fine with the sheep but was completely blowing me off outside of the paddock.  He is on the lead again for a while until he learns some respect.  Im putting Emily and Margaret and Kevin on a lead too.

Frank did fine with the sheep yesterday.  Not polished at all, and he probably needed to shake off the rust.  This morning, I took him out to our sheep for 10 minutes.  He was great.  He listened well to me and was calm.  Much better than yesterday.  The sheep were a bit flighty but didnt turn to fight or scatter.  They were understandably nervous around the Border Collie, but since it was their first introduction to a dog, they did fine.  Frank is going to save us a ton of work around here. 

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Sue said...

It's so exciting!! Merry Christmas, Akeys!