Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sheep

I feel like the little boy that cried wolf....

The sheep are coming today--- actually they are not,
The sheep are coming today---actually they are not,
The sheep were going to come today but the gentleman who was going to bring them is still not feeling well.  So soon.....soon....  the kids are so anxious.  It's a great lesson in patience.

Life is so exciting these days--- it doesn't go by without something to laugh at or learn from:

--We've caught 8 mice the past 5 days -Isabella dropped one trap and all by my bed- I was ok, 
---Frank peed on the nice gentleman from the soil conservation office (Mike was in shock so his reaction time in calling out 'FRANK' was a little delayed).  He doesn't have the marking etiquette down yet-- bushes/ok, people and cat food/not ok
--I ordered the blueberry bushes and some raspberry bushes and thought they'd ship in March like all the other ones I ordered from other sites--- seems I didn't quite understand the phrase "shipping now" so we'll be figuring out where to plant the bushes next week---- thank goodness my husband loves me... it's a lot of bushes--- :)
--We think the boiler is leaking--- we had hoped it would make it through the winter at least- it may-- we'll just be wearing lots of sweaters

And best of all... The Christmas Tree is up!  Even though it's shorter than past trees and slightly crooked -- it smells great and it totally fits into the house.  
Margaret was sick today so while she did sleep a bit, Margaret is a busy, busy child.  She decided to make lots of really, really large paper hats!  She is also the author of the purple font post below.  Blogspot is so easy, even an 8 year old can post a comment with no parental help.  She is getting a lesson on how to post in her own name tomorrow....  


Blue Heron Farm said...

Those are some dang fabulous hats!

I actually had inquired about the other blog post. Asked the Mr. (via facebook) if you were OK. Christian said, "Aren't you going to feel bad if she had a stroke or something?", to which I replied, "No. I'll feel like maybe I saved her life by telling her husband something wasn't right." -- We laughed pretty much all day.

My fingers are crossed that your sheep will come soon. said...

Damn funny. The kids want me to fix the barn so I can get goats by Christmas. Ive got a lot of work this weekend. And the 56 blueberry bushes are being delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday. This Tuesday.

Not a Tuesday in March. In four days.


Blue Heron Farm said...


Kelvin Mailbox said...

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having fun t' boot.
Congrats on selling the house in Manchester, acquiring goats, dogs, ducks, etc, etc, etc.
Happy Holidays!!!