Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter on the Farm

Winter is brown, winter is cold, winter is dry, winter is beautiful.
See the sheep up the hill grazing......  the view from my bedroom window is the same.  I love seeing where the sheep are each morning.  
We've spotted a fox that wants to get a chicken.  Elvis keeps the fox at bay-- but if the fox keeps coming back we might need to do something about this.  In 2 months we'll have little chickens on that pasture and I really don't want to lose any.

The pond is frozen and we were able to skate on it today on borrowed ice skates.  We now need ice skates!
Cattle come next Saturday!!!!  


Sutton Family said...

Do you know what time the cattle come? Can we come watch them unload? said...

The cattle arrive early on Saturday. Ill be extra busy though because I have to load them onto a small trailer and then move them back to the pasture. Then immediately after Im going to be processing chickens. You can come over in the afternoon if you like. Ill be drunk then.