Friday, February 13, 2009

Blue Heron, better get your barf bag out

Cuteness that will make you heave.

Waggin the lamb is doing ok.  She seems to be nursing fine, she is pooping and peeing a lot.  She was 8.5 pounds yesterday morning.  I will weigh her tonight to see how she is doing.  The only thing wrong that I can tell is that her right front knee seems to be a bit swollen, perhaps she was stepped on.  She is walking around fine, no limp, so I dont know.  Ill watch her to see if there are any other changes.  I suppose that eating and peeing and pooping are what I need to see.  Ill take her temp in a few minutes to see how that is going.  

This lambing thing could get addictive.


Blue Heron Farm said...

Holy barf bag -- that second shot, where she is smiling, is the best evah! said...

Margaret just told me that her name is Wag'n. With an apostrophe.

They crack me up.

SteveandAlina said...

Awww.... she's adorable!