Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Egg Laying Record!

We got 7 eggs today from the Elvez Clan!  The days are getting longer and we've been bribing the hens with scraps like lettuce, carrots and spaghetti.  They love spaghetti because it looks like worms and they love the tomato sauce.

No eggs yet from the Shirley Joe clan yet but we're hoping to see some little pullet eggs in the next 2 weeks.  I'm going to need to bring in some golf balls or a few other eggs from the other ladies and have a little show and tell and informational talk with the Shirley Joe hens this weekend.  And I'm not kidding about this- the animals do generally understand you if you talk to them and treat them with respect.  They may not understand the words but they get the message.

I will start seedlings this weekend!!  I really want to start tomatoes but I know I must wait 2 more weeks.  I'll start on onions, leeks, cold weather lettuces and herbs while I remain patient on the other veggies for 2 more weeks.  Although I may break down and try just 25 tomato varieties as I did get these red tubes that you fill with water and put around the tomato plants.  Supposedly you can start the plants 3 weeks earlier as it keeps them warm at night.  In 4-5 weeks it will be time to plant peas, snap peas, snow peas, spinach and the other cold weather seeds directly into the ground!  I am very excited because I have some excellent varieties and I can't wait for everyone in the CSA to experience the early season foods.  They have their own unique sweetness and the produce looks picture perfect because the insects don't get crazy till it gets warmer.

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