Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pullet Eggs

What is a pullet egg, you may be asking yourself....
The hen that laid the green egg on the left is a 2 1/2 year old hen. Her eggs are full size.
The egg on the right is really our first official egg from a hen that we raised ourselves from a baby chick. That pullet hen is about 24 weeks old. They start laying cute little eggs for a few weeks (I have no idea how many weeks) and then the eggs slowly get larger.
We set a new record at the farm and got 21 eggs from the 'old flock' and 1 pullet egg from the Shirley Joe clan. 22 eggs in one day!!! Mike is gearing up for the egg selling business. If you are new to the blog, then send Mike a note and he'll get you set up with a sample dozen eggs. It's highly likely you'll be hooked so fair warning. ( and hopefully it doesn't turn into a 60 acre farm project as it did for us...)

I may be posting a picture of Shirley Joe very soon on this site as a goodbye photo. That rooster has attacked me 2 times now. I gave him a stern lecture and explained that if he continues to fly up and attack me, I will have no problem asking Daddy to start up the scalder and eat him for dinner that very day. I don't think I got through to him (he is like a teenage boy right now so he's not really listening). I'm going to give him a few more chances. If not, he's been warned.

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pleintexasgirl said...

What a cute photo—love your model. I have great photos of my daughter and her chickens. She is 28 now and does not appreciate the photos the way I do.