Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tomato Seeds!!!!

These 2 pictures make my heart race.  These are my packets of tomato seeds.  I have 180+ varieties of tomatoes- at last count.  The packet in back - The Amish Paste Tomato is my favorite all around tomato.  Fabulous sweet/tangy/fresh flavor, low seeds and just gorgeous. 
I am excited to try the Ramapo Tomato that I've read it's a fabulous 'normal looking tomato' that is just packed full of flavor.   More than 50 varieties are heirloom tomatoes and about 85% are from organic seeds and the others not certified organic are from reputable farms that are small but are dedicated to the preservation of seeds and certain strains of tomatoes.  I have tomato seeds called Dot tomato and Lillian's tomato-- in honor of our new dog and my grandmother. I also got some tomatoes that are supposed to be heart or strawberry shaped (this one is not organic and a hybrid but it just looked so cool that I had to try it).

I've been holding off on planting tomato seeds because they grew so well last year that unfortunately my plants got leggy and I didn't get the volume I should have off of each plant.  I am going to do 2 trays of 600 seedlings this weekend.  If they all do well, then we'll sell them at a farmers market in early May and let others enjoy the wonders of these fabulous tomato varieties.  In 3 weeks I'll then start another 1,200 tomato seedlings.  I think that I'll end up only planting about 600 or so tomato plants (for reference, I planted about 200 plants last year). 

The eggs are also starting to really roll in......15 eggs a day is the new average and we hit 18 eggs 2 days ago.  We won't start officially selling them widely till April/May when the newer birds are also laying but if you'd like to get a dozen or a batch of 18, then email Mike at
A few folks have already accused Mike of being an egg dealer.  He gets you in with a free dozen eggs and then you are hooked and calling for more.  Eat fresh eggs at your own risk.  This is how we started out and it lead to a 60 acre farm and 300+ hens.  My name is Annette and I am an egg addict.....


Blue Heron Farm said...

OMG, Annette--- you are a total seed nerd.


Julei said...

Glad to hear that Amish Paste is a favorite of yours. I have never grown them before but I am going to this year. My SSE order arrived and I'm itching to start planting even though I know it's way too early here. This 60+ degree weather is faking me out!

And I'm so jealous about those eggs. Wish your farm was closer!

Annette said...

yes, I'm also a seed addict.