Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lots Happening

Wow.  How quickly it gets busy on a farm.
I learned why lambing and calving happens in March.  They gain more weight when born in March and after March you have no time to deal with lambing.  
We got to spend a great evening with the owners of Whitmore Farm and I got to bottle feed kids, pigs and lambs.
We have new farm equipment- bigger tractor and something called a Mule (at dinner Emily confused a bunch of people because they asked her if the mule came with a cart and she said yep- it's attached- its not a livestock mule its the name of the riding machine)
I'm planting up a storm.  I am seriously addicted to tomatoes and I want the rest of the world to grow tomatoes with me!
We are up to around 4 dozen eggs a day!  whoo-hoo!

Mike is building the biggest eggmobile I've ever seen.  This is an older shot.  I'll show a newer one tomorrow.  It holds about 300+ hens- we've got about 210 or so to go into it.

We have a total of 9 lambs YTD.  We think there is one more mother out there, but we're just going to let her have a pastured birth as the weather will get nice this weekend.

Below is Holly.

More lamb pictures tomorrow.

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