Monday, May 25, 2009

Always explore the possibilities...and trust your gut

It took me a while to figure out in life that I should just trust my gut.  I never know the reason why I want to do something-- but then after I do it or after really thinking about it, I then figure out why.

So I was toiling in my garden on the hill, which is a good garden but very rocky, and I kept looking down the hill at the spot where the chickens were running around.  I told Mike that I wanted to plant corn and watermelons in that spot.  It is full of great nitrogen and it is also a very wet area.  

Well, let me tell you that the soil also looks fabulous!  The only problem is that I am tearing up the animal pasture (as Mike tells me).  But that was my bottleneck in the first place and why I didn't think of that area I'm thinking of doing more garden in that area.  And now it all makes sense.  This is the area down the hill- so all the good soil has washed down there over the years.  This area also has been a hay growing area for a while so good deep soil that is loose.  etc, etc.....  

Mike did the section like a zamboni-- it was so funny to watch him.  
He will likely be doing 1 more section like this....

So some of you are probably wondering if I've planted all my stuff, what is left?
I was about to plant the eggplant tonight and then I saw the soil in this area so the eggplant will go there and the next succession planting of beans, and corn and I have another few hundred tomatoes that are still in my 'greenhouse' that I didn't know what I was going to do with as well as winter squash and pumpkins and watermelons and other melons.  And maybe I'll try lettuce in this area as well in another week.  And I have not planted ALL my seeds.  Ummm... did I mention that I have a lot of seeds?  
I just got in kolrabi to plant for 1 CSA member based on a special request.  So that needs a spot as well!  

Loamy black soil..... I love it!!!  It's like a pot of gold in my backyard.

Since we are not doing the farmers market this year, if there is anyone out there interested in a summer season share of the garden, please contact Mike...

This would be a share starting the 3rd or 4th week of July and going into the 3rd week of September.  So 8 weeks in total.  The price for this summer share would be $300 for those 8 weeks.  There will be lots of heirloom tomatoes in the share as well as corn, pumpkins, watermelon, zucchini, potatoes, eggplant, beans and squash (winter and summer).  You will be able to pick flowers and also get herbs from the herb garden with this summer share.  The things that will not be part of this share are onions, garlic and greens.  These items are already purchased and accounted for through the normal CSA shares.

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SteveandAlina said...

It's very smart to plant where you have the best soil!