Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being Famous

So today I read the posting about our farm from the perspective of our visitors last weekend and I got a glimmer of what it's like to be famous.  

-Avoid all photos-- yikes-- I'll remember next time to glam myself up (since I'm always glammed up on the farm)
-What you read isn't always correct - a few small facts are incorrect in their blog- but all in all accurate.  But if you are famous there is likely a lot more incorrect written about you
-Feeling cool--- wow- someone wrote about us and our farm!  And loved the food and the experience-- what a wonderful feeling!
-Seeing yourself through someone's words- very interesting to read about yourself and to know what others thought about your life.  You don't normally get that kind of feedback in real life.

So although that was fun-- I think I'll stick to being unfamous.  )

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Vince said...


We completely loved our visit and it was the highlight of our trip (except for cedar point, perhaps). I'm sorry about any inaccuraciesin the blog.