Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farmer's Market - the real deal

Ah-- emily the photographer needs a few lessons. We didn't get any really good shots of us at the market.... but we were there!

First week and we almost sold out. 3 dozen brought home- so not bad. And the other vendors still sold their eggs as well-- so we didn't subtract from the market-- we hopefully added to the market.

And we had a lot of fun and were surprised about the interest in turkeys that we'll take pre-orders for.

Emily is a great saleswoman and accountant. Margaret would not let anyone else control the cashbox but her. She is getting to be an expert change maker. Mike and I just hung out and talked to people. So it was fun.

We have 28 turkeys but we'll only pre-sell 20 in case 8 more die. (turkeys are really hard to keep alive). So if you want to preorder a turkey for Thanksgiving-- send Mike an email. They will be $3/lb for pastured turkeys. This is a really good deal and we're doing it at this price because we are still not experts so the price will go up next year after we're good at this.

We realized all the marketing materials we need and that would help explain pastured chickens (and their eggs). We also got a space at the market and we learned what needs to happen to prepare to leave for the market. (get eggs into cooler the night before and put in the walk-in fridge, etc).

So all in all a good day. We also spent money at the farm and got some great produce that we don't have. Good fruits, pies, bread and a few veggies.

Thanks to those who came out for your egg shares! We loved seeing you at the market!


Blue Heron Farm said...

What??? $3/lb turkey? This from the guy who keeps telling me MY prices are too low?

Around here, pastured turkey goes for about $7 or $8/lb.

For reals, people - they should not be cheaper than your chicken.

SteveandAlina said...

I won't even tell you how much we paid for our turkey from Whole Foods last Thanksgiving.....

On a good note, I did find notice of a few farmer's markets in my area. So maybe I can find some delicious eggs! said...

The local farms that I respect are charging around 3-4 dollars for BB White turkeys raised on pasture. 5.50-6 for heritage turkeys. Conventional grain feed.

Next year, its all organic feed for our turkeys and we will take advanced orders only. We will get 8 dollars per pound or more.

This year, Ill be happy to see the suckers stay alive until Halloween.