Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big Trip to Annapolis

Mike went to Annapolis today to talk to members of the Maryland State Senate and House.
The farmers brought food raised on their farms.

His dish is on the left.  He brought turkey breast chunks (our turkey) with orzo, dill, feta, lemon, turkey stock (my homemade stock) and topped with Parmesan cheese.  

The issue Mike went to talk about:

We (Green Akeys Farm) have an exemption to process and sell chickens on our farm.  However we cannot sell them at the farmers market.  In some instances like for vegetables, the farmers market is viewed as an 'extension' of the farm but is a grey area for poultry- really grey.   
Farmers would like to sell chickens processed on their farm legally at the farmers market.  That's it.  
Mike said they talked to one official and he said that there might be a chance to amend the rules (which is evidently much easier than creating brand new legislation).

The raw milk farmers didn't seem to have as much luck at the sessions'll have to buy raw milk in PA for the foreseeable future.... 

I am still hoping this summer to befriend one of our cows and convince her to let me milk her.....if anyone has experience with milking cows please pass on advice!!!  Can I milk a cow that is 4-5 years old and not halter broken?  Can I befriend her with molasses or some other goodie?  Is it not even worth trying and just go buy a milking cow?


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