Monday, January 11, 2010

From Steers to Beef

So now our 4 steers would be called Beef.  Mike got up early this morning and 3 went into the trailer rather quickly.  He hooked up the truck to the trailer and then went after the last one.  I was watching from the bedroom window.  

So the steer goes around one side of the trailer and then Mike is on the other side, and they did this round and round dance 1 1/2 times (the steer even walked over the hitch between the truck and trailer just like Mike).  Then Mike did a double back and the steer went nicely into the trailer.  I was hoping this would happen so I wouldn't have to get dressed and go outside in the cold to help him.

All 4 steers dressed out between 420-440 lbs.  Mike took 3 of the hides up somewhere in PA to be tanned (lord knows what we're going to do with 3 hides so if you're in the market for a cool Beltie Hide- let me know if not I'll have cow hide chairs?)

He's going to smoke the bones for dogs and I just asked him if he kept any other parts and he said-- yeah the tongue and the liver.  

So if you want beef or tongue or liver, let him know!  A co-worker brought me in pickled tongue last year and although it wasn't bad-- it wasn't something I could get over.  

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Kendrabelle Logan said...

Sounds pretty exciting, haha!