Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Wow, time to take a breath.
For those who have been asking for pictures, this posting is for you.
We've been busy digging out, keeping animals alive, starting up generators and the last few days, watching the Olympics.  (we're big Olympic fans..... I just cannot help but watch and admire.  The athletes are amazing.  Hannah was awesome on the moguls...I was in awe)

So the weekend Feb 9th we got about 24-30 inches of snow.  That's what you see below.
No big deal I thought..... the Blizzard of 79 was worse..... this is nothing.

Notice the cattle hanging out and the snow is not that high.  It melted pretty fast.

The chickens could still hang out under the eggmobile and were having fun.  Dougie (our sheltie, could still run through the snow).... and then....and then...

Below is a picture of one of the cows walking from their hay house to the waterer.  Can you find the cow?  Look carefully....

The snow came down again-- another 24 or so inches... beautiful but annoying!

The hens in the eggmobile couldn't get to the barn so I had to carry them 2 at a time from the eggmobile to the barn.  Then the crazy hens flew back into the mobile at night!!! UGH.  I just didn't want them to die of starvation and dehydration in the eggmobile.  

Our house is old and the guy who lived here before us built this add on room and I don't trust the roof.  So I made Mike shovel it off.  Our onions and leeks are growing in the room beneath that roof.

So then the snow finally stopped.  The cattle cannot fit in the barn.   Folks around here have modest barns and run-in sheds for their animals.  Our cattle are from Vermont and they are orignally from Scotland.  The cattle are used to harsh winters but I do wish we had room for them in the barn.  Maybe next year they'll get a run-in shed.  So they create a path from their hay house to the waterer.  This was a funny standoff.  One cow coming back while 7 more are in line.  Want to guess who won?  I called the kids to the window as I snapped a picture.

Thank goodness for our grill with extra side burner.  I always thought those were stupid until we ran out of power and I wanted to reheat food, boil water, etc.  We hooked up the generator but it doesn't run the water or the furnace and I didn't want to waste the electric on the stove.

Eggmobile a little more snow covered!!!  That fence has 4 one point you could only see 1 1/2 boards.

The cats enjoyed the sunshine the day after the 2nd storm.

The goats, sheep and chickens are living together until the snow is low enough for the sheep to go back to the field.  We need to clean up the barn as lambing time will be late March.  Most folks lamb in February and have had to deal with that during this snow.  Thank goodness we opted for later births this year!  I said (hey ladies-- picture time!!! - and they all turned to look at me... he-he)

When the sheep are near the chickens... they are grass fed and slightly chicken feed fed sheep.  
It cracks me up to see the ewes stretching to get their heads thru the gates for the chicken feed that falls to the ground.  Nothing is wasted that's for sure.  
That momma below is a loud mouth..... I haven't named her but I probably should.  Anyone have a good name for a loudmouth ewe?

The calm after the storms....

The snow is melting fast.  Thank goodness.  I need to till the ground mid march for peas!!  Might be early April the way things are going.  

So that's the picture update.  We have beef, lamb sausage, lamb kabobs, pork sausage, pork chops, bacon, breakfast sausage, and lots of beef (ground, sirloin, etc).  Let Mike know and he'll hook you up.  I have been so happy with the meats.  The beef is lean and incredibly flavorful.  We are out of rack of lamb.  Rack of Lamb is heaven.  I don't know if it's because it's grass fed that the lamb tastes so good, but it is fabulous.  If you think you don't like lamb... try some grass fed lamb and tell me what you think.  I had no idea what I missing all these years.  The pork chops and pork sausage is also out of this world.  So lean and so flavorful.  I'm loving all the meat lately but I'm craving veggies.... soon... only a few more months.


Toni aka irishlas said...

Great pics!
I can't imagine how exhausted you guys are.. I know I am! haha
Is your sheltie just a littly hyper? I have three of them, so, no need to say anything else.
Good luck with the snow that is falling as I type...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. You all sure have a lot of snow. I love animals and farm living very much and miss being there. I love your blog.

SteveandAlina said...

WOW!! Did Mike jump off the roof when he was done shoveling? said...

Alina, Bless you my child. Im so happy that you think Im in good enough shape to jump off of a roof.

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