Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wow do we have a lot of eggs.  The ladies kicked it into high gear about 10 days ago and we now have more supply than demand.  We think we may have too many hens than we will need for the summer so if anyone needs some laying hens.  $15 each and they are yours.  And if you need eggs - now is the time to get them!  Buy 2 dozen eggs and get 1 dozen free during the month of March as we recalibrate supply and demand.  

It's time for new piglets--- usually they get the extra eggs.  Its funny how you need all the right animals on a farm to create the proper balance.

Moriah (the cool red cow) has been hanging out by herself and acting funny the last few days.  We think our first calf of the season is coming soon.......

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