Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eddie the ram lamb

The official count of lambs is 18 born to 8 mothers. So 2.25 lambs per ewe. If we have a total of 20 pregnant ewes then that will be 45 at the current rate. Though we did lose 1 little lamb due to a birth illness. Mike has turned into a vet the past week. Pulling out babies, treating mastitis, saving the momma who had the triplets, etc.

The ewe who had the first set of triplets is back on pasture and eating again. She recognizes her babies but she does not want to nurse them. So we are feeding 3 lambs and likely 1 more from another set of triplets where the mom seems to only have one side working properly.

Above is Eddie- our favorite bottle fed boy. Mike calls him Eddie because he's Eddie's father. We had to explain that one to our kids...old tv show. Anyway... the baby lambs are adorable and it takes longer to mix up the lamb formula than it does to feed them-- they eat quick!

I'm really not sure if we can sell or eat Eddie. He follows us around, tries to play with you and wants to be hugged and scratched. So we'll see. We are not supposed to get attached to boy sheep. But he has that white tuft on the top of his head..... too cute!

Did I mention that we have eggs and beef for sale! If you are looking for a great way to eat fresh food full of Omega 3's-- I recommend eggs and ground beef. The eggs are full of great things your body needs for health, balance, brain development and the beef is full of flavor and nice and lean. The eggs are only $5/dozen which is a steal compared to the eggs at the grocery store that I see are around $5.39 for either cage free- natural or organic- but not cage free. Our eggs are not 100% organic but they are totally cage free and you can see the difference with the cracking open of one egg. These eggs are really great for kids. Kids love the eggs- I have no idea why but they do. Parents like them as well but kids really, really love the eggs. My personal opinion is that their bodies crave the Omega 3's as it does help with brain development-- but that's just my speculation.

We are getting new pigs soon. Our pork supply is getting low and we've got a steady following of pork customers so if you are interested in pork please let us know. We are also going to sell out of this first batch of 100 chickens quickly so if you have not placed your orders with us, then do so now or you'll be waiting till July for the next batch. Just about 60 of the chickens are already claimed so only 40 left.