Monday, April 12, 2010

Pasture Raised Cow, Goats and Sheep

Last weekend was picture perfect. My favorite time of day-- about 7pm.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I wish that was my view, sigh...

Annette said...

Do you want to farm sit for a week? Any time you want, you can come live at our house and we'll go on vacation. We won't even charge you for the experience and you can eat all the food you want. You just have to keep all the animals alive and do the farm chores.

I'm totally serious.... if we know you, like you and you really want a total farm immersion experience-- we'll set you up! People pay big bucks to do this... :)

I'm really serious....

SteveandAlina said...

Wow, so idyllic and pastoral!

Anonymous said...

I have seriously considered it. I do know how much work it is, there is no doubt. I have a co-worker who complains about the price of food and always goes for the cheapest. Mind you, she can't grow ANYTHING-killed basil! So I've told her that she can't complain until she can successfully grow something that would then feed her--for about 5 minutes. Many people have no concept of the amount of effort it takes to just feed one person.

I'm pretty sure Steve wouldn't mind helping out for a few days.
I love the view but probably not the daily work. :)

It's a good point, you really can't go on vacation--I doubt there are any "farm sitters."

Now you've given me an idea.