Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rabbits and Flies

I'll start with the yearly 'fly' hatching/migration/whatever. Each year around the end of March we become home to likely 250,000 flies. It has to be that many and they just show up in our general area- not just our house as I later learned. The day I took this picture was not a full fly day but getting there. This year I didn't freak out as I know the cycle (last year I freaked out thinking we bought a defective fly infested farm/house/barn). The flies hang around for a week or so and then the birds and bats come back and the flies all disappear. And thank goodness! I have no idea if that's the life cycle that is going to happen every year but I've now got 2 years where the results are consistent.

Baby rabbits are getting big. I think in 4 more weeks we can sell some rabbit. We may only have 3 to sell as we may keep 2 as future mothers and we need to try 1 ourselves so that leaves 3 to sell. I have no idea what rabbit goes for these days but if you are interested send Mike an email.

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tinkerdat said...

this rabbit is so cute i always wanted to own a farm and have a lot of animals and take care of them too. that is why when i grow up i am going to have a business, so the animals that are left out on the street i will take care of them and then people might want to buy them.