Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicken Orders

We need a little help from anyone who placed a chicken order.
Mike has had a triple whammy the past week. His computer died (the one with his spreadsheet of names of chicken orders) and then we also moved to a new IP address so any email was not getting to him either and he can't get to that mail as it was also on his computer. (he lost his phone as well for 3 days but then I found it)

If you placed an order for chickens please send him an email at

If you've been following the blog you also know that our chicken count was drastically reduced due to some foxes. So we may ask that you take a few less chickens as we have more orders than chickens. We appreciate the support and we'll make it up to you in the next round. We now have Rocky the big bad guard dog and the fox are not getting near our chickens. We heard the foxes crying last night probably because they realized their hay day was gone.

So please send a message and come get your chickens this week!
They look fabulous-- they are different than a typical cornish cross. They are longer and the fat is more yellow which is a great sign. Don't waste one ounce of these chickens! Plan to use all the meat and make stock with the bones and all the leftovers.

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