Sunday, May 16, 2010

Definitely a June 1 CSA Start Date

These photos were from 5 days ago. Amazing what 5 days of warmth does to greens. This same area is tripled in size.

I am in love with a spinach called Gator Perpetual spinach. Oh my gosh-- I never knew spinach could be heavenly- but this spinach has big leaves that are sweet and juicy (funny word I know to describe spinach).

Since last year we had a lot of lettuce and not enough spinach, I made sure to get a few varieties so that we'd have more than enough spinach. And if we have too much then we can all blanch and freeze it. Lettuce is hard to freeze and store but spinach can be stored.

Rows of lettuce are coming up as well and the mustard greens have little holes in them from those silly bugs but still taste great.

The next few weeks are planting, watering, weeding weeks. Along with strawberry picking that is.... I would say starting next weekend you can call us up and come pick your own if you want. We've gone out every night and gotten about 4 pints and it's now kicking into high gear. You just need to know that there is lots of thistle and wear long pants and good shoes.

If anyone buys strawberries and gets those plastic containers-- save them as I'd love to have them and reuse them for picking. Also, if you get orange bags or onion bags that are mesh- save those for me as well. I want to do a better job of storing onions in proper bags this year.

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