Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guardian Dog- Rocky the Gentle Giant

We've been contemplating a Livestock Guardian Dog for about 8 months now.
As fate would have it- we have a fellow farmer friend that knew a family who needed to find a home for their Great Pyrenees dog named Rocky.  He's 14 months old and about as big as a small pony.  I've now known him for 3 hrs and I already know he's going to be a great dog.  He's gentle and obedient and he's in the barn with about 9 hens tonight.  He didn't go after them so that's good.  He did look like he would jump up and attack the barn swallows though so it looks like he's got a good guarding instinct.
We need him to protect the chickens and the sheep and get the fox and groundhogs.

He's going to go to another farmer friend tomorrow who has volunteered to help train him a little more with lambs and chickens for a few weeks and then we'll bring him back and get him adjusted to our farm.  I almost don't want to send him to the other farm for training as I like him so much.

It's amazing how much this farm has changed me and helped me grow as a person- only a year ago I would have been totally scared of a dog this big but I now see through the size and see the actions and personality of the animal.  We were hanging out with Rocky and he was getting a little antsy- so I said to Mike-- he's got to do his business.  Sure enough..... he didn't know where to go.  Big dog looks like he's frantic-- but really he just needed to pee.

Good lesson for life- sometimes a person looks mean/nice/big/small/etc....  but you have to look beyond the outside layers.


Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Sometimes a person looks mean/big/scary but really they just have to pee.

SteveandAlina said...

Sometimes a person looks small/young/timid when in reality they are a strong-willed. :)

He looks like a very nice dog. Does he have a name already?

SteveandAlina said...

Oh I missed the name .. .now I see it... ROCKY! That's a great name!

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

While I was gone taking Rocky to the other farm, and had to bring him back home, BTW, (another story), the damn fox attacked my meat chickens again! I lost almost 20 more birds just freaking today! We have maybe half of our birds left. Im trying to get to next sunday so I can process them. I may have to bite the bullet and process them on Friday. Then again, I could just put the Rock out in the pasture with the birds tonight. That would be a nice surprise for Mr. Fox. Hi Mister Fox. Its me, Mister Death Doggie. Come say hi.

thestorypoet said...

How old is Rocky? He is absolutely gorgeous. I detect instant bonding with you two. How will Frank deal with the competition? Glad you have him, you really need him. Can't wait to meet him.