Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mother Nature

Sometimes, you just can't plan your day- it gets planned for you. Our evening plans got interupted.
Our neighbors kindly called us to say our eggmobile flipped over. The eggmobile? That thing is huge- how could that flip over?

Well, it flipped. The wind did pick up when the storm passed through this afternoon.

Rocky's house - on the right did not fare well- though the other 2 hoop houses for the turkeys and broilers were fine. They must have missed where the wind gushed.

Thank goodness for Mr Tractor and some work with a chain. the eggmobile was back on it's wheels.
Minor damage to the end of the roof and lots of cracked eggs. No chickens/hens/turkeys died- all made it. Rocky must have kept them safe. One hen stayed on her eggs the entire time. Even though they were cracked she would not leave the nest box till we flipped it back over and had to clean it out.

I guess Mike did some good construction as even though it flipped, it's in good shape.
Rocky's house will need to get fixed tomorrow.

And how did you spend your evening?


Toni aka irishlas said...

I spent my evening by driving through this storm - dodging downed trees, limbs, etc while in route through PA.

Glad none of your girls were hurt or the egg mobile. I bet it was a bloody mess to clean up, though!

Annette said...

It was actually a fairly easy cleanup. everything fell to the side. As far as cleanups go-- we were done in less than an hour with new food, hay in nest boxes, grit, water, etc and done with the chores of feeding the turkeys and broilers as well. I guess we are getting good at this that we can handle the crisis situations expediently!

I am so happy it was not worse!

Yoga Raharja said...

Must be a big storm...
Thanks God no one hurt!