Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Minute Meal

I'm a good baker and a good canner-- not always the best at combining flavors for a meal though and so for that I try to stick to a recipe. However when I have an idea-- I just go for it (imagine husband cringing).

Beets were a bust for me in the garden this year. I didn't weed them well enough and they got lost- several times over. However the other day I was walking through overgrown lettuce and what did I see? 4 beets! Not enough to put in the CSA but enough for an impromptu dinner.

Now I was at a cool restaurant and they served beets with goat cheese on top. So I figured how hard can that be to make?

he-he... well beets take a while to boil but once they are done the skins slip off and they slice nicely.

At the restaurant I think the goat cheese was covered in bread crumbs or something and then fried lightly. No problem I thought. However we had no bread-- ok we had old pita bread but that wasn't going to work so I saw these mustard flavored pretzel bits and thought- that will work! So I chopped them in the mini cuisinart and then fried them up in some oil. Now the pretzels didn't stick so well to the cheese so the crumbs started frying off the cheese. I said oh well and put the cheese on top of the slices of beets and enjoyed my meal.

I offered some to hubby when he got home 15 minutes later but he declined which was fine with me! I guess the only one who likes my impromptu meals is me...

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Anonymous said...

Steve and I side with Mike on this one--ugh, that just did not sound good.
By the way, the chevre with honey was unbelievable. Thank you for the cheese!