Sunday, January 30, 2011

CSA Frozen Winter Goodies

Take peppers that you froze in November out of the fridge. CSA members could take as many peppers as they could handle.
Combine with onions and olive oil. (ideally I would have grown the onions but those didn't last the winter)
Take sweet italian whole hog sausage out of the freezer and thaw and grill. Best sausage in the world in my opinion-- whole hog sausage is the only way to eat sausage.
Cut up sausage and add to pot.
In large saucepan add 4 quarts of homemade tomato sauce, add in carmelized onions/peppers, and sausage. Serve over pasta or on italian bread. (this was so good we ate in all in 2 days)

Take shredded zucchini out of freezer (you will have cut it up and bagged it in July).
Follow Martha Stewart recipe for zucchini bread- makes 3-4 loaves and uses 5 cups of zucchini.
Each one loaf and freeze the rest for quick breakfasts later in the month.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Well now I am hungry. Thanks so much

Toni aka irishlas said...

Does your zucchini get mushy after you freeze it? Mine did. I thought maybe you'd have a helpful tip for freezing without mush!

Love peppers - they don't love me. I'm allergic to them. Isn't that the weirdest allergy you've ever hear of???

SteveandAlina said...

Yum looks delicious!!! We need to learn how to freeze vegetables.

Annette said...

I wouldn't say that it was really mushy but it wasn't crisp. I did use what I'll call some of the really large and hearty zucchini though. Trumbruco? I can never remember how to spell all the zucchini. That one is pretty meaty so maybe that's why it's solid.