Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Squash

Wow. Winter Squash is soooooo under rated. Actually, I don't think it even makes it in our culture to be rated at all. Or are there folks out there that are eating lots of squash and I've been the only one missing out? Here is my squash advice. GROW and/or BUY and EAT SQUASH! Organic or naturally raised if possible of course.

And....drumroll.... squash is good for you.

The tally is still 90+ squash in our basement. I'll post picts of it later after I put in all in the same area.

Above is a Pink Banana Squash. It's not very pink as it just didn't turn pink but I have to say that this squash is not only HUGE (Mike cooked half of it for dinner) but it was so sweet and delicious. Mike cut it into chunks and then steamed it and then added some brown sugar and cinnamon. Although it did not need the brown sugar as it was sweet enough on its own.

I still have 2 more Pink Banana in the basement. This one is definitely on the list for the CSA next year in large quantities. I think each CSA member needs 4-6 of these during the last 4 weeks of CSA so that they can have squash till February.

One CSA member told me to try using these Carnival squash (orange ones) and the Sweet Dumpling squash (the little green and white ones) by stuffing them with sausage. The Carnival squash were good--but the sweet dumpling was OUTSTANDING!!!

This is a terribly focused picture of the stuffed squash but lets just say it again--- outstanding!
So note to self, go lighter on the carnival squash but triple up the sweet dumpling squash plants for next year. The sweet dumpling squash soaked up the fat from the Whole Hog Sausage and we had to fight each other for it--- seriously.

I'm gonna make Mike post his funny story about our Livestock Guardian Dog tomorrow. I might need a short video clip to complete the story..... so more to come.

Lastly, I'd like to ask a favor of you if you are reading this blog.
I've used Google Analytics to track the number of views of the blog, but then it started counting spammers after we linked to Facebook and the numbers got goofy.
I can see my followers on this blog but I don't believe they all follow the blog.

And I say all this because I still wonder how YOU found my blog and why YOU read my blog.

It's kind of funny when we get a call- like today- and someone knows about you and actually reads your blog that you don't know. For the woman who talked to Mike for 2 hours today-- he forgot to ask you your name again at the end of the conversation so send us an email. I think I have about 40 regular followers (mostly friends, family and CSA members and meat buyers) but maybe I've got more.

So do me a favor and just add a comment after reading this and say how you found out about the blog and why you read it.
That's it-- or if that's too much, just say hi.
Or if you don't like posting publicly, send me an email at

I'm just curious.....


SteveandAlina said...

Hello, you know me, I love reading your blog. I also love squash and I wish our CSA had provided more to take us through the winter!

Anyway, since I am a friend, I discovered your blog in one of your holiday letters that you sent out. I've been following it ever since!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the order: I found you on local harvest first and then found the blog and then started buying from you. Eggs first or meat, I can't remember. And then I got chickens--all because of you! Thank you.
Anna and Steve

Toni aka irishlas said...

I found you on local harvest, too. Then became a meat customer.

I was so thrilled to find a local farm who has the same mind set as I in regards to raising and slaughtering animals as humanely as possible.

I'd admire your accomplishments and hard work, not to mention, I appreciate and enjoy your hospitality and sense of humor.

Oh, and yeah, you throw great parties too! :0)

BK2 said...

I read regularly on my lunchtime at work. I found the blog because I joined the CSA, I found the CSA by searching for CSA's in the Westminster area on Google shortly after we moved here. I forget which site Google turned up, it was either Local Harvest or one like it that listed a bunch of CSA's.


TreehuggingDoglover said...

I found your blog through Blue Heron in Houston's blog. I absolutely love reading about your farming adventures and living vicariously through you. I only wish I lived closer so I could actually be a CSA member. Your veggies and meats sound phenomenal! Hopefully one day I can follow in your footsteps and create a great CSA near Houston.