Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shout out to our Website Developer - Small Farm Central

When we started this farm, I started this blog.
Then we realized we needed a website. Ugh, how do you build a website and actually have it be more than a landing page.

We then found Small Farm Central through a referral from our friends at Whitmore Farm.
It took a few hours to learn how to use the website and to setup our options but as I learn more of the features, the more I am so happy that Simon created this software for small farms.

Learning to use your website and use it well is like learning a new strategy game. Below is Kensington. My favorite game of all time. If anyone wants to come over and learn to play the game with me- let me know. I need a worthy challenger as I'm really good at this game. My father used to play the game with me all the time - that is until I kept beating him at it. I had to compromise and play backgammon with him as he won 98 times out of 100 when we played that game.

Using your website to be more than a landing page takes thought and strategic moves.
The feature that I wasn't taking advantage of until recently in the software was the automatic member mailing list feature. I am up to about 50 people who want to receive a monthly email. And if someone wants to unsubscribe, the software automatically takes the person off the list.

It is unbelievably easy to stay in touch with the people who 'asked' to receive information and the information can then go onto the website for those not on the mailing list.

As we get more mailing list members I can group the people into those that are CSA interested only or meat interested only. Wonderful!!!

Thanks Simon and Small Farm Central!!!

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