Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Green Akeys Farm Update

Lots happening on the farm. CSA is officially closed for the season. Sorry to those that keep emailing me, but check back next year and get on our mailing list.

We have also gotten lots of requests for a meat CSA so we hope to put together an offer that would start in July. Stay tuned....

Baby lambs being born daily. We've officially lost track. I think we are about 34? but could be 37. Won't know till the ear tagging is done on all new babies. In the daytime you hear mommas and babies calling out to each other. It's a lamb nursery. Baby calves are next--- should get 4-6 new calves.

Garlic is thriving!!! Yeah!! CSA members will get to try 13 varieties of garlic this year. Every year I save some garlic for next year and buy 2-3 new varieties as garlic is very expensive to buy. It can cost 3 dollars and up to 10 dollars per bulb depending on the variety.

One new addition to the CSA this year are garden boxes for veggies that take longer than 10 days to germinate and can get crowded by weeds. Beets, kohlrabi and carrots are amount those that are in the garden boxes this year.

New this year...... chocolate colored eggs!!! This year we have far fewer hens but beautiful eggs. That was my plan, less hens but a wonderful color combination.

The above egg is a speckled as well! We get our hens from Whitmore Farm. Will does a great job raising heritage breeds of hens and so we buy our hens from him. His eggs are used by chefs that have been on Top Chef as they are not only fabulous to eat but gorgeous. So I had to have those hens and the eggs!!! Those hens have been slower to lay eggs but now that they are starting, I am in love with the color!

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Toni aka irishlas said...

The new beds look great~ now if it would only stop raining long enough to finish planting!